Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I register my ebook?
Fill in and submit a PLR title registration form. If you are already registered with PLR you will have received this form (File Update) in the mail. If you are new to PLR, you can download the form online during the registration period (Feb. 15 – May 1).

You must include on the form the ebook’s ISBN number. This is usually found on the copyright page of your book. If not, your publisher can provide it to you.

2. Which ebook formats can I register?

You can register both ePubs and Portable Document Formats (PDFs). These are the two most common electronic formats for commercially published literary material and are consistently used and understood by publishers and libraries.

Note: PDF is the format we use to determine the book’s length (one of the eligibility criteria).

3. My ebook is in electronic formats other than PDF or ePub – what do I do?

We can only accept ebooks in ePub or PDF formats. Remember, the purpose of your registration is to enable us to search for your work in Canadian public library catalogues and not on commercial websites or web stores.

The registration period runs from mid-February to May 1 each year.

4. Will my ebook be considered as a new title if the print version has been previously registered?

No. Your ebook will be considered a new format, not a new title. But as a new format, you still have to register it with PLR.

5. I have a title to register for the first time, in both print and ebook formats. How do I do this?

You can use one title registration form to register the title in all its formats. You only need to provide one set of support material. Please provide ISBN numbers for each format.

6. My book is only available in electronic format. Can I register it?
Yes, provided it meets the eligibility criteria of the program, and you provide the required information and support material, including paper copies of the PDF version of the book’s title page, copyright page and table of contents.


7. Does registering my ebook mean my PLR payments will be higher?
Not necessarily. Ebooks are considered an additional format, not a separate title. But it does mean that there may be a greater possibility of your title being discovered in a library catalogue (for example, if a library has an eligible ebook in its catalogue but not a print version).

8. Will you continue to search/register print books in the future?
Yes. We expect to be dealing with print books for many years to come as public libraries continue to acquire and maintain them in their collections.

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